I feel I'm asked quite a lot about how Global began and why I started the brand, so I decided to put this page together to give a little bit of an insight into me, my brand and everything else.

Global Collect's first post came in September 2017, I'd just turned 18 and after around four years of toying with the idea I decided I wanted to start making clothes.

It originally started as an outlet for me to create clothing and designs I liked for myself, friends and family. It was supposed to be a little hobby and nothing more. Since then, it has sparked interest from people all over Scotland, and even some as far as England and Europe.

The idea, was literally black and white, make clothes that I like and want to wear and that was that. It's grew to so much more since then, and having people show support for something that was supposed to be nothing more than a hobby is something that I'm eternally grateful for. I love making clothes, and still to this day, I make what I like and I like what I make. To have people from all over show love to something I work hard on is an incredible feeling, it's indescribable.

While I always tried to make everything seem as though it was professional and corporate-like, and ran by a team in the early days, there is only one person behind Global, and it's me, Ryan. I decided one day, that I was sick of talking like a robot and wanted to engage with the people who have shown so much support over the years. I feel that you can now actually engage with the brand and the page, instead of just buying a product and that's all I've ever wanted.

I've gone on a few hiatus' since the brands inception in 2017, the longest being March 2020, just before the country had gone into lockdown. It wasn't because I couldn't be bothered or was stressed or anything like that, but because I didn't have the passion or drive to continue. When the passion isn't there, I don't want to be either. I make clothes because I love it and nothing more.

In September 2020, I knew I wanted to start making clothes again but held off, I eventually started thinking about it every day. After a brief conversation with James (the owner of Network and a good friend) regarding stock again, I knew it was time. 

I announced that I would be starting fresh and would do things differently, I received messages constantly from friends and customers who were happy to see me back doing what I love, and since then I've continued grinding.

I don't want Global to ever end. To everyone it might just be a clothing brand, or a t-shirt/hoodie with a logo slapped on it, but to me it's a lot more.

Thank you to everyone who has kept this going, because of you alone, I have been able to continue to do this for over three years now and I wish I could put into words how much that means.

The World Is Yours, it always has been.

- Ryan