In September 2017, I started Global, not as a brand but as a passion project.

Where has the time gone? When Global began, I was 18 years old at the very beginning of my very first “real world” job.

Since starting the “brand”, I’ve managed to meet and connect with people all over the world and share similar interests, this has given me insight into the endless possibilities that come with running a brand.

I’ve met nice people and I’ve met horrible people through running Global, but I’ve been grateful for every second of it. Global has been with me through the highest of high’s and the lowest of low’s and I can’t imagine my life without Global.

There’s been days where I’ve thought about packing it in and days where I thought “I can’t manage this anymore”, but I’m glad I’ve always stuck it out.

I’m so extremely proud of how far I’ve come as a person and how far Global has come as a brand. I know it sounds stupid, because at the end of the day “it’s just clothes”, “it’s just a brand”, but to me, it’s so much more. I’m thankful for everything this stupid passion project has allowed me to do, without Global, I wouldn’t be where I am in life, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I’ve had, the jobs I’ve had, the experience I’ve had.

I’ve managed to inspire others to create their own brands, pursue what makes them happy in life. Don’t give up.

To think this all started with a 20-piece order for my mates is what makes it special for me, I’ve not had hand outs, I’ve not really had support. I’ve done this by myself since day one, whether that’s designing, placing orders with suppliers, creating the website, packing orders, trips to the Post Office, processing refunds. I’ve done it all, and that was the one goal I set out since I was 18 years old.

I’m so grateful to everyone I’ve interacted with, whether that be a follow, a like, an order, a message, EVERYTHING.

Thank you to everyone that’s came along for the ride, without you guys the brand wouldn’t be here today. FIVE FUCKING YEARS.

Do what makes you happy, and fuck everyone else.

The World Is Yours.

Big love as always,